The Designer

Self taught, Tamara Steinborn has been designing  jewellery for 2 decades. 


She shares her time between many loves - getting dirty with metal, chasing poems in her head and teaching yoga.


Fun facts about Tamara...

She has a BA & MA, neither of which are relevant to her career.

She speaks a few languages, some well, some horribly.

She writes and has had small bits published here & there.

She collects oddities and taxidermy.

Current loves include, in no particular order:

Sonic Youth's Kool Thing

Nina Simone's Wild is the Wind

David Bowie's Lucy Can't Dance

Everything Nirvana

Adrienne Rich - November 1968

Sylvia Plath - Epitaph for Fire & Flower

Robert Kroetsch - Seed Catalogue

Baudelaire, Blake & Dickinson

Anything with Bill Murray

The Hunger

The films of Guy Maddin and  John Waters

Egon Schiele for his raw women

Georgia O'Keeffe for her movement and sway